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Date: April 2006

May is National Album Recording Month

Like NaNoWriMo, but for rocking out: 31 days to make a 31-minute record. Will you be joining in? I will, as is my want, be taking the concept one step further, by improvising and recording a one-minute track each day throughout the month. Oh yes. To be continued... #link


You just don't see art like this 'round these parts. #image

Blogging the Changing Media Summit

Seems like a bit of a waste of time to me, with all the tired talk of 'leveraging' this and 'monetising' that. The most important thing I can glean from it all is that the old media vanguard seems determined to maintain their status quo and bend the web to their own will, completely oblivious to the fact that they're hopelessly transparent in their motivations and machinations, and that the web and its users are already leaving them behind. The quality (re: podcasting, especially) might not be there yet, but at this stage it's the freedom that's more important. (See also: Tom Coates expands upon and clarifies his comments re: social media, which gives some more context to the argument.) #link

Hacking the user interface through tags

"Tagging isn't just metadata; it's metadata you can use." Makes me wonder if I've been using my tags right; rather than a form of internal navigation, they point outwards, to other blog posts, to give some context to my own. #link

JBL says 'buy Apple'

Man, how could I ignore this one! (By the way, he's the WWE US champion, not the US WWE champ as the article states. Just to be clear.) #link


A content-based visual image search engine. for exploring Flickr by colour or theme. If you want to lose yourself for a few hours [c/o WaxyLinks]. #link


I can't even describe this. Just go there and have a look around for yourself. #link

Tierra Del Fuego

Since Maciej moved to Argentina he's been regularly recording his travels and experiences, both in text and in great photo studies like this one (you may need to reload the page to get all the images). #link


An OS X utility for capturing full-length screenshots of web pages. Very handy indeed. #link


An imaginary city that exists only on paper and in the mind of its autistic savant creator. Astonishing [c/o Boing Boing]. #link

Send me an Odeo

Just a little social experiment... I'm not fishing for compliments, I swear. #link

Dan Chung's photo blog

For me, this is the highlight of the new site. Not only do we get impressive images from a photojournalist at the top of his game, but we also get the story behind them, and even technical details for the photo-nerds. This is exactly the the type of thing that will keep newspapers alive and kicking in the internet age. #link

Comment is free

The Guardian's new comment blog, to which I am finally linking. It's only been up a few weeks but can already boast over 1,000 posts (compared to my measly 2,021 since November 2001). Some really thoughtful stuff in there, and it's great to see the writers getting involved in the comments, too. #link

Tokyo Secret City

There's a secret Murakami-esque network of tunnels running beneath Tokyo, allegedly. Sweet. #link

Can you read without using your inner voice?

The answer, quite simply, is 'no'. Bad Science's Ben Goldacre has been cracking me up lately with his excoriation of the ridiculous Brain Gyms and the impossible crap it advises, such as 'reading without your inner voice'. Where do they come up with this shit, and more importantly why do people fall for it? #link

Wikipedia study 'fatally flawed'

Basically, Britannica's fucked because their subscription revenue stream has been taken away from them by Wikipedia, which by now has really transcended the traditional idea of the encyclopaedia. Everyone knows Wikipedia's flawed, but in the same way as the opinion of someone smart whom you trust is flawed. Britannica just doesn't get it; if anything's really flawed here, it's their attitude. #link


Looks interesting; might be a better fit for my WikiThesis. #link