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Date: August 2006

Cogs are turning

Not much time for blogging lately. Cogs once rusted have been cleaned and oiled for turning again — and turning they are.

Right now? Plans are being made, bags are being packed and loose ends tied up before my long-awaited return to South Africa. T minus 12 days and counting. You better believe I’m counting.



Electric Picnic set times announced

I won't be going, but it's nice to dream -- and consider whether I've crossed a threshold in my life when I realise I'd rather see Sparks than Yo La Tengo. #link


OMM readers recommend 10 songs about the police

Pleasing to see my name in print! But I can't really take the credit; someone else suggested the song, and I merely corrected it to cite the original artists. My own suggestion was Black Flag's 'Police Story', but it didn't make the cut. #link


Pitchfork bemoans the absense of modern-day gonzo journalism

Gonzo was great when it emerged because there was nothing else like it, though now that there is we have no need for it, at least for its own sake. But the essence of gonzo -- the risk-taking, the bucking of the rules -- is missing, especially in the fields this piece is concerned with, where a bit of adventure would go a long way. That essense is the reason why I read Digitiser religiously in the '90s, even though I wasn't a gamer. #link


The Brand Underground

I'm not sure how to take this article on independent fashion brands from the NYT. On one hand the author is trying to compare independent streetwear labels and associated 'anti-brands' with the underground cultural signifiers that came before them (graffiti taggers; record labels like SST; bands with strong visial identities like Black Flag, etc.) but on the other, the whole thing reads like an advertisement for cooler-than-thou hipster elitists (which is surely the antithesis of the genuine independent, underground spirit the author wishes were there). In the end, I'm left thinking that it's all just commerce, and that money ruins everything worthwhile. #link


The Colbert Report analyses Wikipedia

Funny guy, that Colbert. I don't think the net should be too worried about this -- you can see in his eyes that he understands more than what he's saying. And besides, it raises a fair question that requires debate: What exactly is Wikipedia for, anyway? #link


The Penguin Blog

Stop the presses! Publishing house catches on to blogging malarkey! But seriously, it's a very good thing that such a company has seen fit to put a more human face on what are normally quite anonymous operations. It might even stoke some sort of qualitative loyalty for the imprint, akin to that enjoyed by independent record labels. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. #link


Voices of Family Guy

So that's what they look like! I expect it gets painful after the millionth take, but it seems more fun than most workplaces, that's for sure [c/o TCAL]. #link