Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Behold… the uberfeed

Thanks to the magic of Yahoo! Pipes, I’ve cobbled together a single RSS feed combining my Macrolog and Microlog with a whole bunch of other goodies, from MetaFilter comments to Vox blog posts and regular Twitter updates.

It’s pretty much my online self in a nutshell. And since at the moment I’m far more likely to post a comment on MetaFilter, answer a Vox Question of the Day or update my Twitter status than write anything of substance here, it’ll hopefully make up for the current paucity of fresh content on the website (a situation I hope will change soon, but don’t hold your breath — every time I see the size of by ‘blogfodder’ bookmarks folder, I die a little inside).

Anywho, you can hook yourself up with the Uberfeed right here.

PS: If anyone knows why the Macrolog feed isn’t presently filtering into the Uberfeed, feel free to tell me (my e-mail is on the About page).