Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Things That Must Be Done

A list, in no particular order, of Things That Must Be Done:

Fix categories: I’ve got far too many categories in both of my blogs, and now that I have tag functionality (see below) most of them are completely unnecessary. Five or six catch-all categories is all I really need, so these will be condensed forthwith.

Set up tags: Now that I’ve upgraded to MT 4, I can haz tags! I’ve already used a handy script to convert my jury-rigged entry keyword tags into tags proper; now I need to code up templates for the tag archives so I can actually use them.

Fix comments: Comments, when I turn them on, are basically working. But since MT 4 added a new ‘Comment Preview’ thingy to the process, posting any comment will lead you to a broken page — because, obviously, I haven’t coded said ‘Comment Preview’ template yet. So that Must Be Done. Aside from all that, I want to spruce up the comments with a TypeKey option and whatnot, eventually, but for now I’ll be happy that they’re just working.

Update my status: My status sidebar on the main page is fine, if a little unwieldy. It could benefit from better functionality: my latest listening via Last.fm perhaps, or live(ish) location info from my Dopplr account. Anything to make it a bit more dynamic.

Fix archive pages: I haven’t decided if my monthly, category (and soon-to-come tag) archive pages should include the full entries or just links to them. I’m inclined to go with the latter, so my templates will need some minor tweaking.

Update non-blog pages: Most of the non-blog pages of this site have been either orphaned or lost after my clean install of MT 4, so that must be rectified. I’ve got almost everything saved elsewhere, so it won’t be a problem. This also provides me a good opportunity to change things up a little.

Update feeds: My RSS and Atom feed templates are broken in MT 4, which is not good. They should be up and running again now, using the default templates as a stop-gap, but they really require a proper going over, so I’m adding them to the ‘To Do’ pile.