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Taking things slowly

Emmet Connolly over at Thoughtwax writes about the virtues of taking things slowly:

Without the restrictions of regular media, we pajama-wearers can do whatever we want. For the most part, something is written when it’s ready to be written, and then it’s only as long as it needs to. Some people, like me, have very few things to say, so we say them infrequently.

Indeed, there’s much to be said for “the idea of posting infrequently as a deliberate editorial approach”.

And I could argue that that’s what’s been happening around here, although it’s probably more accurate to say that I got distracted by Twitter. It’s no mere coincidence that I pretty much stopped blogging here around the same time I began twittering.

In a way, I suppose you could consider everything I’ve blurted over there as a perpetual blog post. Certainly all of the things I would have blogged about wound up as tweets, or series of tweets, instead. But it’s not quite the same thing. It’s not as permanent, for sure, and since I’m terrible at remembering stuff it doesn’t really serve me well as an outboard brain.

So with that in mind, and being in the mood to make more of an effort, I’ve started link-logging again — if only to keep tabs on where my mind is going — and I plan to pop back in here to expand on my thoughts from time to time. “The unexamined life” and all that.

But no rush, mind.