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Weeknotes #458

Monday — Long day at work; got more done than I expected, but still not enough. Home around half six. Left a message for the landlord, then spoke to him later re: us moving on. He sounded disappointed, but I hope he knows we’re not simply bailing on him (besides, we need a few weeks to find the right place before the packing/cleaning/etc).

Loud music/drunk singing downstairs starts as soon as I finish the call; makes me wish we could move tomorrow, just beam all our stuff into a new place. Curse you Heisenberg and your uncertainty principle!

Up to p164 in the Eno book, plus however-many pages of the appendices. It’s a two-bookmark job, this one.

Idea for a new TV show – Sportacus: Blood and Sand. (Somebody Photoshop a poster for this, please.)

Tuesday — Early start: work from half six to half two. Then a two-hour power nap that didn’t really help.

Caught up on ILM and the top 300 metal/heavy rock albums poll; more fodder for the listening queue, and reminded me of albums I forgot to vote for in my own ballot.

Nothing of note on TV in the evening. Then up half the night getting started on Project Green, which involves taking my record of movies watched from Google Calendar and putting them online in a more easily accessed format. Flixster seems to be the best site for the job, though it’s far from perfect.

Wednesday — More Project Green. I twitter my surprise at having watched so many; I love film, but I’m not really a ‘buff’ and can easily go for weeks without seeing one. My list is complete by mid-afternoon: 238 watched and rated since summer 2005 – and that’s only the ones I noted down. Funnily enough, now that I have a number, it makes me want to set a target: how long will it take to get to 250? 500? More?

Realise I haven’t been keeping up my half-year resolution to listen to a podcast every evening. But at least I’ve been reading again. I’ll say no more on the matter; don’t want to jinx myself.
Thursday — Early to bed, late to rise. Too much sleep is as bad as too little.

Some writing after lunch and in the evening, making notes on our New York trip. In the afternoon, I meet Bee with Debbie and John in Temple Bar. Project Hannibal comes up in conversation.

A day of bus rides and listening to Voivod.

Also, I learn a new insulting gesture: make a fist with your thumb sticking out between your middle and ring fingers. It’s like flipping the bird to a Capetonian, says Bee.

Friday — Today I improvise dinner: chicken breast marinated in yogurt and peri-peri sauce, with sautéed sweet potato. Needs some refinement (potato needs to be sliced thinner and microwaved beforehand) but I think we’re onto a winner.

Leaving Bee with the Xbox, I go to Castleknock in the evening for a Friday the 13th movie marathon at John and Debbie’s. By 5am we’d made it through the first five films in the series – at which point everyone else retired to bed. Since I was leaving early I stayed up. Watched The Accidental Tourist; the dog is the best thing in it.

Saturday — Home by nine, sleep till after two, head foggy for the rest of the day. Some life admin in the evening, pruning RSS feeds in my feed-reader. I need to be more ruthless and discerning about what feeds/sites I follow; must try to avoid an informational grey goo scenario.

Sunday — Making more notes on NYC, Sunday afternoon TV, dinner of marinated steak curry, half-way into Culture novel number three, and winding down with a wrestling PPV. All in all, a good way to end the week.