Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #460

Monday — Bored in the office with little to do bar some more production prep, and steeling myself for the inevitable deluge at the end of the week.

On my lunch break I upload some photos to Flickr that I’ve been meaning to get online for a while. The process is less painful than I remember (broadband speed really makes a difference). I do have to troubleshoot a problem with portrait shots displaying as landscape, but it’s an easy settings fix after a trawl through the help forum.

University Challenge in the evening: good exercise for the mind. The album covers round is too easy, but it freaks out Bee that I know them all instantly. Well I did work in a music shop for quite a while.

Tuesday — Happy with my shots of the Estel/Steve Mackay gig. They go online along with a set from our New York trip. Other than that, an unremarkable day. It’s good to have that sometimes.

Wednesday — I spend most of the day editing shots from our holiday to Paris two years ago: 1,200+ photos cut down to a much more manageable 200 or so. I think I’ll leave the posting to Flickr till the weekend.

Thursday — Home early from the office: not feeling so good. Could be sinusitis, could be a stomach bug. Whatever it is, I’m better off at home (should have called in sick in the first place).
Turns out I don’t get to rest for long, as I still have work to do – and Project Hannibal really kicks up a gear. So many e-mails and phone calls so soon! My brain is frazzled trying to figure it out. But at the end of the day we have three appointments scheduled: one tomorrow and two more next Tuesday.

Friday — That appointment today? Not happening: I check online in the morning and the flat’s already gone. Maybe it’s a good thing, because I still feel like crap. Despite that I catch up with work in the afternoon. I hope I feel better tomorrow; it’s never a good thing to lose a weekend to illness.

Saturday — We bail on a viewing this morning; it’s a scummy-looking building, and it’s across the street from a methadone clinic. No wonder they didn’t put any photos on the website! Besides, the estate agent was late; we didn’t even wait around to see him. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be the pattern for every place we see.

Off to the shops for food, printer ink and root beer (from the Asian market near the Jervis Centre, of all places) then it’s afternoon already. Feeling slightly less ill than yesterday but still not great. My head feels hot but my body feels cold. I’m pretty much this way till I muster the energy to make burgers for dinner; they go down a treat.

Up late photo editing (I’ve got my Paris photos down to 165 and ready to upload) then bed. I’ve got the sniffles.

Sunday — Coming down with a cold now, but I get up early to finish off editing the Paris photos and upload the lot. After that it’s time for the Belgian Grand Prix and I enjoy my root beer and I’m on fire with the puns today.
Then evening comes and I’m feeling weird, uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Like the last day of summer before school begins. Guess it’s just the mounting stress and unmanifested worries under the surface. I hope the week ahead brings better feelings.