Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #462

Monday — Wet walk to work this morning. Parnell Street stinks of wet dog. Then the sky gets darker and the rain gets harder and my enthusiasm goes out the window. Blah. At least I survive the walk home without slipping.

The evening is better. New MythBusters on TV tonight; good to see them back to busting myths and not idioms (that ‘lead balloon’ episode was just stupid).

Tuesday — A day of meetings (and a little bit of sunshine!) with lots to think about, followed by a trek with Bee to IKEA for cardboard boxes. Thankfully we dodge the rain on the way home, and avoid our boxes turning to €15 worth of brown mush. Tomorrow the packing begins in earnest.

In the evening we catch up on Mad Men S04. I think they’ve forgotten how to write for Betty Draper. On the other hand, it’s great to see Peggy get some focus, after being left in the background for much of the last season. Still the best show on television today.

Wednesday — I take a break for a few minutes, and suddenly I’m wiped out for most of the day. Guess I was more tired than I thought. Anyway, suppose I need all the rest I can get before Project Hannibal enters phase two.

Thursday — Morning phone calls to the bank (moving my money around) and the cable company (to make an appointment for reconnection). I realise after the latter call that moving our DVR and cable modem to the new place means we’ll be without TV and the internet for a week. D’oh! But on the plus side, that’s two more items crossed off the list. Next week is gonna be a busy one.

Friday — I spend the morning and early afternoon in the office with little to do. I’m furious at my time being wasted, especially since it will only mean having to do everything on Monday. Things only pick up a little just before I have to rush off for the bus; it’s a long walk from the top of Parnell Square to Hawkins Street. Passing The Gate I spot Michael Gambon chatting by the stage door. Everything’s right with the world, so.

Out to D15 with Bee to sign the lease on the new place. We stay on for an hour just walking around, noting down appliance serial numbers (to search for the manuals, y’see) and deciding which rooms need what (for the inevitable Arnotts bargain shop/IKEA run). We’ve got two weeks to move all our stuff over and get the old place spick and span. That can’t be too difficult, right?

Saturday — Reading –> shopping –> dozing –> packing –> eating –> watching –> reading –> blogging –> bed.

Sunday — Up early to watch the wrestling. I phone Declan to take him up on his kindly offer to move a few things to the new place. We need at least a TV set there for the cable guy, so we pencil that in for Wednesday evening.

Before lunch I get out the Wii Fit board to see how I’m doing on the first week of my latest Weight Loss Challenge. I’ve got three months to lose 12.7kg, which shouldn’t be too hard. But the scales tell me I’ve put on 0.6kg since last Sunday alone – despite walking loads and watching what I ate during the week. It’s not supposed to work like that! However, I resolve not to let it get me down, and hop on the stationary bike for a half-hour cycle for good measure.

Formula 1 in the afternoon, then a short nap while Bee puts in some Xbox time, followed by a browse through the IKEA catalogue. I’m making a list of all the things we’ll need for the new place that are too big/awkward to carry out ourselves, but can be brought to us instead, all in one go, thereby justifying the delivery cost (smart, eh?).

More packing in the evening. Going well, but we need more boxes (I’m sorry Bee, you were right). Where does all this stuff come from?