Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #463

Monday/Tuesday — Work work work, busy busy busy. Just enough energy left to get to the shops. Not sleeping well.

Wednesday — Still in zombieland, but I revive somewhat in the afternoon for an IKEA run. In the evening Declan drops by to help move a few things to the new place (thank you!). Surprisingly I’m able to find it in the dark without getting lost.

Thursday — Screwed over by IKEA’s delivery service. They never told us when we booked the day before that if we missed their random and arbitrary delivery slot at any moment within that timeframe, for any reason, we still had to pay in full (in other words, the ‘delivery’ charge isn’t actually a delivery charge).

I’m furious! And I get even more so when the customer services drone calls back and rather than really try to help us as customers, decides to hide behind the terms of service – which were never fully dictated to us in the first place. Customer disservice, more like.

Thankfully Debbie saves the day: despite me calling out of the blue, she’s able to get to the new place before us in time to meet the delivery van. Crisis averted! We’re very grateful. That’s the stuff true friends are made of.

Back into town to collect the cable equipment. I’m not feeling too good as I’m sweating in the sun and then freezing in the shade, but I try not to think about it too much.

I return in plenty of time for the cable guy. What a contrast in service: literally minutes after he arrives, we’re hooked up and ready to go. Voila! Although since we’re not actually moving till next week, that leaves us without our umbilical connection to the outside world #firstworldproblems
Friday — No TV and no internet make MacDara something something.

Saturday/Sunday — Catsitting at John and Debbie’s on Saturday evening. Ralphy is a very good cat for us. Then we spend a very cold night at the new place, as we don’t have a duvet there yet. On the plus side, it’s quiet but not too quiet.

Back to town on Sunday afternoon for more packing/moving stuff. We’re getting there, but it’s very tiring. I see a very lazy weekend in our future…