Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #466

Monday — An unremarkable day, other than my dismay at the golf overrunning so I miss University Challenge. Nobody makes me miss University Challenge and gets away with it! Okay, they do get away with it, but I’m certainly not happy about it. So there.

Tuesday — A night out at The Foggy Dew with David R and the gang. Dave has a great story about meeting the guy who writes Scott Pilgrim. I have a boring story about the taps in our kitchen not working. Was I the only one not drinking? Just wasn’t in the mood for it.

Wednesday — I go for a walk to the Blanchardstown Centre on a lovely clear autumn morning. The vivid green of the treetops against the bright blue sky is pretty striking – like someone sharpened my vision in Photoshop.

The walk back home with the shopping isn’t as enjoyable, however, and I’m wiped out for the rest of the afternoon. Funny how that happens.

Thursday — I hurry to the IFI after work to see Enter the Void with John M. It’s an experience, to say the least; some parts made me actually nauseous (though that may have been just from thirst and lack of sugar). In hindsight, the opening titles may be my favourite bit of the whole movie.

Friday — Long day at the office, and a long way home after. I’m stressed out by morons getting in my way, and buses not showing up on time. First world problems, sure, but problems nonetheless. I’m happy to get home.

Saturday/Sunday — Wiped out by Saturday evening, even though we didn’t get all the moving/unpacking done that we wanted. Sunday is an earlyish start for the Formula 1, but it lulls me to sleep – there’s no action at the front of the pack.

Sunday evening we head out to see Rich Hall at the Olympia. I’m not at all in the mood for a night out but it’s a good show; Hall is on form in the first half, and though things fall apart somewhat after intermission (the loudmouth heckler in our section didn’t help matters) he keeps me laughing. Not the best comedy show I’ve seen there, but that accolade goes to Steven Wright so it’ll take a lot of beating.