Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #469

Monday/Tuesday — Monday is a bank holiday, but not for me. At least I get to work from home and wind up at a reasonable hour. Early start again on Tuesday for the deadline, but there are few headaches and everything gets sent to the printer on time.

Wednesday — Administrivia takes up much of the day. That and playing F1 2010, which frustrates me greatly: even on easy mode its unforgiving about the smallest things. Maybe what I’m looking for is arcade mode, which this game doesn’t have. Guess I’m resigned to doing lots of practice laps in time trial.

Later I get caught in the rain walking home from the shops and am drenched to the bone. Fat lot of good you did, umbrella.

Thursday — Face paint, fake blood and wig procured for our Hallowe’en costumes. I haven’t dressed up since I was, like, 11 or 12, and my idea is a bit of a mash-up, but we’ll see how it goes.
We’re stuck at the shopping centre a lot longer than I expected. I always think it’s gonna take a couple of hours but it ends up being a four or five-hour expedition, leaving me too exhausted to care about anything at the end of it. Must pace myself better.

Friday — It’s so dark this morning. You’d never go blind staring at the sun, since it’s struggling to shine through three or four thick layers of cloud. So dull it might as well be night time. I need a holiday.

Stupid whirling wind and lashing rain in town after work. My crappy umbrella goes straight in the bin. Looks like I’ll have to spend more than I’d like on one that doesn’t bend at the slightest gust. We should really have state subsidies for this; I mean this is Ireland, it rains all the time, so…

Temple Bar in the evening, for Polvo at The Workman’s Club. Bus is horrendously late, but the gig is delayed so I’m still able to claim a spot by the stage for a better view (and a few snaps I’ll post to Flickr later). I have to leave during the encore to catch the last bus home, but at least I depart with a smile in my heart.

Saturday — Stressful day prepping for Hallowe’en at John and Debbie’s. Bee is a zom-bee (geddit?) while I go as Mick Foley and/or his vampire alter-ego Cactus Jackula. Maybe two people get it.

It’s a good party – our hosts are wonderful as always – but we don’t stay all night; I’m really tired (must have walked nearly 10km back and forth to the shops) and not feeling so good, so we get home before midnight.

Sunday — The changing clocks throw us both out of whack. I feel a bit better when I get up late in the morning, but now it’s Bee’s turn to feel under the weather. Would be nice if we could enjoy our lazy days once in a while. Hell, there isn’t even much good on TV. It’s supposed to be Hallowe’en – why are there no good horror movies that haven’t been shown a million times before?