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Weeknotes #472

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday — First two days of this week are a write-off. Wednesday I’m up earlyish, cold still getting me down. I briefly flirt with the idea of going out to the shops. But then I remember the Tesco delivery guy is coming, which puts those silly thoughts aside.

The day ahead is reserved for Getting Better: WoW in the afternoon, followed by an Apprentice double bill in the evening, and Skyline chili for dinner. That’s what I call good medicine.

Thursday/Friday — We’re catsitting for a few days. Ralphy’s cute as a button, and spends most of Thursday asleep on the couch. He has no trouble finding his litter tray either, which is a big relief!

Meanwhile I start ploughing through the video nasties doc which finally arrived from Play.com. Took about a week longer than it should have. An Post hoarding parcels in the midlands again?

Saturday/Sunday — Ralphy starts getting a bit cheeky on Saturday, testing his limits — going where he knows he’s not supposed to go, that kind of thing. But he’s not scratching the floor or chewing the walls off, so small mercies and all that. And when he goes home on Sunday evening, we start missing the little fella almost immediately. Sniff.

More tears for the state of the nation. I can’t even watch the news as I know it’ll raise my blood pressure. The government keeps spouting obvious lies and double-talk, while the prospect of public spending cuts hangs over us like a great black cloud ready to burst at any moment. And then there’s all this talk about us giving away our sovereignty to the IMF… But we gave it away years ago. In fact, can any country whose economy is subject to the whims of the bond markets really be described as sovereign?

Achievements unlocked: Two! One for the awesome chili, and keeping a cat alive for four days straight has to count for something.