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Weeknotes #473

Monday — Dublin Bus is really pissing me off. Missing buses on the 37 in the morning and afternoon, and bad traffic on the 39 in Blanchardstown means it takes me nearly two hours to get home. I thought this was the future and we should all be telecommuting by now. Sigh.

Tuesday — Day of administrivia: I need to change my address on the electoral register, lest I miss my chance to get that shower of gobshites out of power.

First step is to get the right form at Blanchardstown Library – which needs to be explored properly another day.

Then to the Garda station to get things stamped and signed. I wasn’t expecting a queue, let alone a front desk that remains empty for close to 15 minutes. Could do better.

Wednesday — Day off: playing WoW, downloading Botchamanias and reading Tom the Dancing Bug. Also started The Creation Records Story, which I must have bought 10 years ago now. Working my way through the stacks.

Thursday/Friday — At work from home with an earache, and still no sign of my first Power Slam subscription issue. But two pieces of good news: my second attempt to buy a Kindle case on eBay comes through (and snappy delivery, too) while John manages to snag tickets for the already-sold-out Rush concert next summer. Sweet!

Saturday/Sunday — Snow? But it’s not even December yet!

Earache playing up, so we miss the big march in town. But the rest of the weekend is a bit more satisfying.

Bee won a competition for free tickets to the Food & Wine Magazine Christmas Show, so we head out to the RDS in the snow to see what’s up. Frankly it isn’t amazing – we wouldn’t have paid to go, it’s too small, too few stands – but what is there is mostly high quality, and we leave with some nice cheeses and stuff for Xmas.

The freakishly cold weather requires more soup – this time with leeks and onions, Rooster spuds and sweet potato. Good combination! I think I’m getting there.

On Sunday evening I play my first game of Arkham Horror, which is complicated but fun. Once you put your head into the game everything flows together and make sense so it doesn’t seem like so much of a maths test.

Only manage a couple of hours before feeling a bit off – not my ear this time; I’m suddenly weak and uneasy. Sure, it’s the time of the year for illness both vague and particular, but I’d rather be well. Off to bed with me.

Achievements unlocked: Triple bonus for the Rush tickets, soup improvements and discovering Arkham Horror. I’m on a roll here.