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Weeknotes #474

Monday — Another day working from home, as I twist my ankle heading out the door. On the plus side, home is much warmer than the office. But my ankle’s sore, the backs of my legs hurt, that weird malaise from Sunday evening returns – and news of the deaths of both Leslie Nielsen and Irvin Kershner doesn’t help at all.

Tuesday — Production day frustrations aside, little else to report. My ankle doesn’t fare too badly on a trudge through the snow to the supermarket, and I spend the rest of the evening with Bee on an epic session of Arkham Horror.

Later, when I go to bed, I chance a look out the bedroom window to see if it’s snowed again. As I pull up the blind I surprise a fox just feet away, right in front of me. Haven’t seen one that close in a long time! I hope he found some food, he had a cold night ahead of him.

Wednesday — Nowhere to go, nothing to do but catch up on TV and watch movies. Lady Vengeance is pretty good; still need to see the first part of that trilogy.
It’s really bright at night inside the flat. The security lights are reflecting off the blanket of snow on the grass outside which glows through the blinds, the impression of a permanent dawn. I like it.

Thursday — No post delivered all week, so a walk to the delivery office is in order. Lucky for me that it’s only 15 minutes away. The gritted slush on the paths is a bit of a nightmare to walk through; it’s easier to crunch through the powder. I end up covering a lot of distance on foot by the end of the day. Unlock achievement of ‘Living Cliché’ for walking five miles in the snow.

Meanwhile, I rage at Tesco for cancelling my delivery – first I’m told ‘It’s in the van’ but the van never shows up, and I only find out it’s cancelled when I ring a second time, they never called me! But at least the customer service guy was helpful; it’s the staff and management at Tesco Clearwater who deserve the bulk of my fury. Bastards!

Also, no NoMeansNo gig for me tonight. In any case the buses stop running at 9pm. Not that I would have known that if I’d actually gone. Seriously, Dublin Bus – safety is paramount for everyone, when the roads and paths are as icy as they are, but for crying out loud, we could do with a bit more than an hour’s notice.

Friday — Long trek into town: the train’s running 40-plus minutes late, and the walk from Drumcondra down Dorset St is treacherous in parts. And when I get to the office I find there’s no one there to let me in! So I spend the first part of my day working in McDonald’s. Cue my second incongruous musical experience of the year (the first being hearing Built to Spill in a Wendy’s in New York) when Low’s ‘Just Like Christmas’ pipes up over the speakers.

Saturday/Sunday — Saturday is strangely a blur; I’m sure there was some World of Warcraft in there somewhere, and reading the paper online. Sunday is spent watching bad movies, namely Jumper and Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem (both reviewed here). Sometimes you need to get the crap out of your system before you can get to the good stuff.

Achievement unlocked: The aforementioned ‘Living Cliché’. And I suppose I should get something for only falling once this week.