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Weeknotes #478-479

Everything gets back to normal a little too quickly post-Xmas, don’t you think?

Little to report from Week 478. No big New Year’s Eve partying for us, just lunch at Nando’s and adding to our puppet collection. Seriously – The Puppet Company and Melissa & Doug come highly recommended.

Oh yeah, and we bought a telescope. Though we haven’t had much chance to use it yet, what with the cloud and the haze and all. When the worst of winter passes we should have more to see.

Back to work on Week 479. And back to watching what I eat (and getting more exercise, and all that malarkey). But depression was mostly avoided by getting my hands on NBA Jam for the Xbox 360. Even though I’m not a basketball fan, Jam was my favourite game on the SNES back in the day, and it’s lost none of its charm.

In other news, first item crossed off the New Year to-do list: I’m now subscribed to Maximum Rocknroll for six months. Next on the list? Renewing my passport.

Achievement unlocked: Astronomy White Belt for spotting Orion through the scope. Not to get too ambitious, but Jupiter’s next.