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Date: February 2011


For keeping track of upcoming cinema and disc/download releases. US-centric, but that shouldn't matter too much. #link

Blogfodder linkdump part 4

The rest of 2005, condensed into hyperlink form:



Upload and image and get an appropriate colour palette. Neat. #link

Blogfodder linkdump part 3

Weirdly, 2005’s ratio of dead links was much higher than the previous two years. But with a bigger overall volume of links, I salvaged enough to make up two posts. Here’s the first:


Weeknotes #483

Fed up with the Wii Balance Board‘s fluctuating readings – and the time spent getting through the menus in Wii Fit – I’ve bought a proper doctor’s weighing scales so I can keep better track of what I’m losing (or not, as the case may be). After a few days, I seem to be a kilo heavier on the scales than what the Wii tells me; I’m more apt to trust the scales.

What else this week? To town on Saturday night to see Wire at The Academy 2, which is one of the shittier venues in Dublin. It’s basically a wine cellar with a dancefloor surrounded by iron columns and a stage that’s barely six inches off the ground, so there’s no hope for me when the tall motherfuckers push up to the front. We can do better than this.


Anger over Irish Mail on Sunday's 'Tribune edition'

Big furore over this; I can't recall it ever being done before. But it's no surprise that the Mail are behind the stunt. I mean, there's mockery at your competitors' misfortunes, and then there's a direct attempt to mislead consumers. Gutter journalism at its worst. #link

New papers: the San Francisco Panorama etcetera

Haven't yet opened my own copy of the Panorama. Yet no matter how good it is as a product in and of itself, if it's a prototype for what a daily newspaper should be it was ill-conceived from the start: there is simply no way that amount of effort, that amount of variety, can go into a daily publication. It's a pipe dream. Now as a weekend paper, that's a different matter. #link

Toward a Grand Unified Theory of n00bs

The big problem here is that it's never been easier for web novices to learn about the web, but their patience has dwindled by the same degree. It's the same reason why people don't read manuals. #link

Mind your language: in praise of subeditors

The editor of the Guardian style guide writes in praise of subeditors: "Given the indispensable contribution that they make, it seems perverse that the role of subs has been questioned, albeit mainly from those more interested in the cost of everything than the value of anything." #link

UpStart: an alternative election poster campaign

"UpStart is a non-profit arts collective which aims to put creativity at the centre of public consciousness during the Irish General Election Campaign in 2011. We plan to do this by reinterpreting the spaces commonly used for displaying election campaign posters in Dublin City." Best thing to come out of this whole ridiculous situation. The poems are my favourites; better than any bullshit election manifesto. (By the way, if anyone starts a Flickr gallery of these posters, please do let me know.) #link

Why the future doesn't need us

"Our most powerful 21st-century technologies -- robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech -- are threatening to make humans an endangered species." I've already Instapaper'd this to read on my Kindle. #link

A True Story Of Daily Mail Lies

If there's one thing the US media has over the press on this side of the pond, it's this: fabricated stories end careers in the States, but seem to make them over here. #link

Dancing About Architecture

"It’s about experience and advice based education and information -- telling people who want to get into various sectors of journalism the truth of the business, giving practical advice, encouragement and tips." Site seems to be a bit fallow at the moment, but I'm still looking forward to those podcasts. #link

Bad Moon Rising: The Practical Lessons of Sonic Youth

"Maybe Sonic Youth's signing to a major in 1990 -- spurred by pragmatism, bad histories with dodgy indies, and just the right amount of youthful/artistic naivete -- laid some of the foundations toward helping us be okay with the right kind of corporate assistance 20 years later." Yeah, but. Sonic Youth were a special case. And where are they know? Signed to an indie (Matador). Still, some good thought food here. #link

Blogfodder linkdump part 2

More links from the archives, this time 2004: