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Weeknotes #483

Fed up with the Wii Balance Board‘s fluctuating readings – and the time spent getting through the menus in Wii Fit – I’ve bought a proper doctor’s weighing scales so I can keep better track of what I’m losing (or not, as the case may be). After a few days, I seem to be a kilo heavier on the scales than what the Wii tells me; I’m more apt to trust the scales.

What else this week? To town on Saturday night to see Wire at The Academy 2, which is one of the shittier venues in Dublin. It’s basically a wine cellar with a dancefloor surrounded by iron columns and a stage that’s barely six inches off the ground, so there’s no hope for me when the tall motherfuckers push up to the front. We can do better than this.

Anyway. Estel played support and they were great; Bushie brought the trademark banter. Then Wire came out and rocked the house played like a band far more vital than their age would let on. But really, two encores? And don’t get me started on their dainty little bottles of water. (I kid! I kid!) Things wound up shortly after 10 so I could get home at a reasonable hour. I like that. Good to see Eoin and Joana there, too.

Up early on Sunday to help Declan and Alan (and Declan’s dad) in moving their sofa bed from their old place to ours; they’re moving and don’t have the room for it at their new flat, and we were happy to accept the donation! Rather us have it than the council dump.

Needless to say it’s much better for sitting on that the glorified garden bench we were lumped with. But we were too tired to set up the bed part last night, me in particular. Made it through one-and-a-half quarters of the Super Bowl before a bad night’s sleep.