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After the quake

These photos of the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami tell a remarkable story. But maybe a more remarkable one is that of Japan’s resilience in the face of disaster. Even amid all the shocking imagery – roads split down the middle, cars and houses washed away and disintegrated in the surge – I’m not left with the same sense of hopelessness that followed the 2004 Asian tsunami.

The fact is, with an earthquake of that sheer magnitude (now thought to be 9.0), and as bad as things are right now, the situation could’ve been far worse. It’s a testament to good forward planning that they aren’t.

That being said, it’s not over yet by any means. Storyful is gathering the latest post-quake updates from around the web, and Kottke’s earthquake tag is tracking some useful links. Let’s hope that threat of a nuclear meltdown doesn’t become any more than just a threat.