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Blogfodder linkdump part 5

In lieu of weeknotes (late again, I know), here’s the first of three – three! – batches of links from 2006. I saved a lot of stuff that year:

  • Come home and make this place poor again / Written five years ago, but far more relevant now, I think.
  • Erasing the need for sleep / The idea of drugs like modafinil being used to facilitate a lifestyle really unsettles me.
  • Doane Paper / “Combines the benefits of lined and grid paper onto a single sheet.” Saved for when I’ve filled up my remaining square-ruled Moleskines.
  • The Tumblelist / This site’s still listed! (Even though I mostly gave up the tumblelog thing when I redesigned.)
  • Where He-Man came from / Don’t know why I was under the impression the Masters of the Universe line was a hasty replacement for a failed Conan toy line; this clears the whole matter up.