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Blogfodder linkdump part 6

Forgot to post these after the last batch. That was four months ago. Oops. Anyway, some more linkage from 2006:

  • Wayfaring / Web service for creating personalised maps (of walking routes, etc). Completely forgot about this!
  • Tom Coates’ notes on the RCA Summer Show 2006 / I attended the same show and thought I’d made some notes on it, but apparently not! I only made note of Availabot and the Saddlebag (a utility belt for your chair that really should be available in IKEA by now; sadly didn’t note the name of the designer and can’t find her/him on the RCA website).
  • ChucK / “…a new (and developing) audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition [and] performance.” See also: Real DJs Code Live.
  • In Praise of the Hyperlink / “The hyperlink is an amazing solution to an old problem. That problem is classification.”
  • The Urban Etiquette Handbook / More rules for urban behavior. Some good points here, even if many others are over-the-top (thank-you cards to waiters are a bit much, no?).

  • How the inside of a book is designed / “The page count is determined very early on, by people who’re more concerned with profit and loss than with beauty, and it’s intimately tied to the price of the book and the projected sales. Some books need to be stretched so the publisher can justify charging a certain price; many, many more need to the crammed so that they don’t cost more to produce than sales are likely to recoup.” In other words, the text must stretch to fit the pages, not the other way round. That’s insane.
  • The World’s Cutest Synth! / I’m a big Goopymart fan, and I’ve long wanted one of these; haven’t yet been able to justify the expense.
  • Automatic Magazine Layout / Using PHP to arrange images in a neatly-positioned layout. I might try updating my New York visit post with something like this.
  • Quirky serifs aside, Georgia fonts win on Web / Georgia’s my go-to serif font for the web – and I think it looks good in print, too.
  • Musicpad / “Musicpad is an online musical notepad which lets you code your musical inspiration in plain text and generate midi files.”
  • Chinese History for Beginners
  • Kottke links to Brian Eno and Kevin Kelly on The Big Here
  • Courage under fire / “Fifty years ago, Britain and France went looking for an excuse to invade Egypt. The result was the Suez crisis.”
  • Wikipedia entry on N. Senada / “Senada’s ‘Theory of Obscurity’ states that an artist can only produce pure art when the expectations and influences of the outside world are not taken into consideration.”
  • The Curse of Storage / Momus reflects on the differences between Western and Japanese living after a visit to the Future City exhibition. I missed the quote he refers to when I was there, but I made my own copious notes. Meanwhile, Phil Gyford didn’t enjoy the experience so much.