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Blogfodder linkdump part 8

The penultimate link dump. This selection comes from the first half of 2007, a year when I didn’t really blog at all. I regret that. Anyway, enjoy:

  • Crappy Sound Forever! / David Byrne on how recording technology changed the way music was/is written and performed.
  • Freedom is slavery / Links and commentary on free will and determinism. I wrote an essay about free will in one of my end-of-year philosophy exams years ago; I think I concluded it by contradicting everything I’d asserted before the last paragraph.
  • English Sentences Without Overt Grammatical Subjects / Or, the grammar of swearing (via Kottke).
  • The stuff of dreams / Ferrofluids, dilatants and other freaky sciency things.
  • Powers of 10 / “Two leading structural engineers pick their favorite feats of man-made wonder.” They wouldn’t all be my pick, but nice all the same.