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Weeknotes #526-532

I should probably start calling these Monthnotes, shouldn’t I? Anyway, let’s review the last few weeks.

The highlights: Michael D winning the presidency, even though I voted for Norris / Seeing The Silence of the Lambs for the first time (and loving it) / The Dark Crystal at this year’s Horrorthon / Wearing sunglasses on the first day of November / James Gleick talking about The Information at the Science Gallery / CHIKARA‘s High Noon iPPV rekindling my love of wrestling / Digging Bill Orcutt‘s mindbending acoustic blues / Reginald D Hunter at Vicar Street (very different from the panel shows) / Finally dinging three stone (and dropping a trouser size).

The lowlights: Trespass at the Horrorthon (truly, truly woeful) / Hard drive failure at the worst possible time; luckily I had a full backup, but the whole thing led to two days of insane stress, and getting overdrawn on my current account for the first time ever (I won’t be doing that again) / Being ambivalent about 1Q84: I was hooked by the story, but some of the details — especially the bad sex — left a lot to be desired.

I suppose the good outweighed the bad, overall. Just don’t talk to me about the budget.