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Date: April 2012

Pelican reviewed

Pelican by Lisa Shelley

Just like the ungainly bird they’re named after, Pelican might not look like much, but they’ll bite the arse off you. My review of their new EP Ataraxia/Taraxis is up now on Thumped.


Sherlock agrees to attend debate with organiser of anti-’SOPA’ petition

That's after he initially refused to attend if Simon McGarr wasn't removed from the panel, accusing him of "causing some reputational damage to this country by deliberately misinterpreting the [new legislation] as SOPA" (which wasn't the case, and he knows it, but howandever). Shame I can't attend the debate this afternoon; seems like the hashtag is #DRF2012 so I can follow things on Twitter later. #link


Cartographies of Time

"Selections from a captivating history of timelines—from time circles to time dragons, to a history of the world drawn on a single piece of paper." #link