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On Cornerhost and second chances

You might remember the Cornerhost debacle from a few months ago. A panicked thread on a mailing list for the host’s customers (myself included) led to a tweet from me that led to a post on Gizmodo that blew the whole thing up for a couple of days.

The controversy prompted Michal Wallace, the owner, to resurface with a blog post allaying fears among Cornerhost’s site owners that the servers were going down. Then he disappeared again, but at least my website was safe, and I could FTP in, and downtime hasn’t been an issue.

Well that was a few months ago, and now Michal has finally posted again on the Cornerhost status blog, announcing his return to the company and attempting to explain things from his side.

It’s worth the read; the whole situation has obviously been a struggle for him, which I can empathise with, even if I haven’t been through the same experience. And it’s really hard to own up and admit you made a hash of it. But communication goes a long way towards keeping heads cool, and putting things in perspective. I don’t know about other Cornerhost customers, but I can appreciate his attempt to explain the situation.

So for that alone, I think I’m willing to give him another chance. Not that it means much from a mid-level customer with few demands, but it is what it is.