Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #574-583

Not much of an autumn this year; winter came hot (or rather the opposite) on summer’s heels, and now that the clocks have gone back the days have gone black. Bummer.

At least I’m getting some writing done: lots of reviews for Thumped over the past few weeks, and I’ve started doing some pieces for Burning Ambulance too. Reviewing aside, my first interview in years was recently published, and I’ve got another one in the works which should be promising. Updates will be here as ever.

Reading-wise, I finally got around to finishing The Information by James Gleick. My review is on Goodreads; it’s a long book, but worth the effort I think. Also on the ‘done’ pile, reviews pending, are Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and Bob Mould’s autobiography See A Little Light. Next in line are John Dies At The End and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, which are mostly being read in the mornings while on my exercise bike.

Speaking of exercise — my weight loss progress has slowed, but that was expected; a combination of hitting another plateau and not getting out for walks with all this rain we’re having. Yet I look at how far I’ve come in the past 18 months and the little blips don’t frustrate me so much. And besides, I’m not putting the weight back on, so I must be doing something right.

As regards everything else, well, I’m still hopelessly behind on posting links to the Microlog. Lots of TV to catch up on, as well. And you should see the length of my ‘movies to watch’ list. I did recently get to the cinema to see ParaNorman, though, which was much better than it needed to be; a real Goonies streak running through it, too.