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Cloud Rat, Rest reviewed and more

Cloud Rat by Adam de Gross

Quite a few reviews by yours truly since my last update. On Thumped you can find my takes on new ones from local lads :Hounds:, Oxbow singer Eugene S Robinson’s collaboration with Philippe Petit, French grinders Blockheads, the ethereal Jodis, Aussie scumdogs Krömosom, the mighty Cloud Rat and Cork’s prog metal titans Rest, who play a launch gig for their record this Saturday night at Whelan’s. You should come with me, it’ll be sweet.

Meanwhile, there’s my interview with William Bennett of Whitehouse infamy on his intriguing Cut Hands project, and on Burning Ambulance I took on the Metropolis-themed latest from Italian black metal act Melencolia Estatica. Expect more in due course.