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Michael Gira

In early August I had the good fortune to do an interview with Swans leader Michael Gira for Thumped ahead of the band’s shows in Ireland. I attended the Dublin gig and it was incredible, as expected. And though I didn’t meet Gira after the show as I had to dash for the last bus home, he was nothing short of a pleasure to deal with on the line, and I’ll make a point of saying hello next time he or the band passes through town.

Meanwhile, there was more film reviewing than music writing from me over the late summer months. I was flabbergasted by A Field in England, mildly distracted by RED 2, disturbed by Pain & Gain, taken on a nostalgia trip by The Kings of Summer and entertained by the energetic Rush.

When I did squeeze some words out on music, I gave praise to BL’AST! and Dethscalator, and put together a round-up of the summer’s glut of releases in metal, hardcore and beyond, or at least the ones I’d heard. I’m hoping that’s the first edition of what will be a (probably irregular) series highlighting music I don’t have the time to write about at length. Maybe I can use it to shine a light on new Irish bands in extreme genres, too. If you’re in such a band, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the usual channels.