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The WWE's Difficult Men

The Masked Man on WWE's latest David vs Goliath angle, and how villains are "supposed to make you mad". It would be easier to take if WWE Creative were committed to their heels as figures of hate, and their faces as paragons of virtue. It was two weeks before they settled on Randy Orton being an all-out bad guy; meanwhile he still gets cheers from objectifying women and hopeless dudebros. And the lack of internal logic has hampered the angle from the start. Why not just fire Daniel Bryan, if the company's willing to fire anyone who comes to his aid? How could they forget the Big Show has an 'iron-clad contract', then hastily retcon it so now he's 'broke'? Wouldn't it have been better to have the McMahons make people's lives a misery -- putting them in handicap matches, etc -- instead of threatening their careers, so the entire face roster (minus the injured Cena and Sheamus, lucky them) wouldn't look like completely spineless wusses by not standing up for their comrade? They fucked it up, end of story. #link