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The long walk

Taking a break 6km into the 2013 Harbour 2 Harbour Walk

Around about this time last year, I surprised the hell out of myself by walking the 25km or so from Howth to Dun Laoghaire. Yeah, you might run marathons in your sleep or whatever, but it was a big deal to me. And I’m sure Aware were pretty happy with me too, seeing as I raised €200 in sponsorship for the charity in my first Harbour 2 Harbour Walk.

This coming Monday is St Patrick’s Day and I’m doing it all again, hoofing it from one side of Dublin Bay to the other on the 2014 Harbour 2 Harbour Walk — this time hopefully in less rubbish weather!

You can keep up with my updates on the day via Twitter, and I’d be ever so grateful for any monetary support you could give, whether online via MyCharity.ie or offline (do get in touch for details by the usual methods).

It’s for a very good cause, too, because depression sucks. Chances are you know someone who’s experienced it or is currently going through it, even if they’ve never told you. Aware’s support and education programmes can go a long way towards creating a better society where people with depression, or affected by stress or mood disorders, can get well without fear of stigma. Let’s help make that happen.