Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #642-653

Gonna make a renewed effort to be more disciplined about my working/living week and keep weeknotes here on an actual, y’know, weekly basis. Not that I need to guilt myself into working (I’m pretty much doing something every day) but I could be Getting Things Done a lot more efficiently, if not better as such. And that’d leave the rest of my time for living better, too.

Even if I don’t have much to write about for any given seven days, I think even that is worth mentioning, so that I can look back later and see how things pattern week to week. So that’s what I’m doing right now.

Sometimes I’m up to my eyes doing (in terms of work) nothing particularly noteworthy, and that was the case last week — a truncated one, owing to the bank holiday, and losing Tuesday to aches and pains after the Harbour 2 Harbour Walk — where I spent much of Thursday and Friday subediting for a skills training manual. There’ll be more of that the week after next, mostly correcting DTP proofs, but I don’t have the days pinned down yet.

That’s a problem sometimes, getting specific days for things pinned down, and it can be annoying when I’m wearing a few different hats. It makes me slack off on some things that don’t seem so urgent, like music reviews. That’s why there hasn’t been much from me on that front so far this year; I’m listening to lots of stuff, but my head’s been too jumbled to put down many cogent thoughts.

Though I’m not a morning person, I find I’m often at my best creatively in the AM, maybe because I’m still sleepy and haven’t yet given myself The Fear. To counter that, I’m giving myself the rest of this morning to break the block, even if only a chip off the corner. I mean, just sitting here at my desk listening to stuff and thinking about it is better than blowing it off entirely. Thinking is working.

So is watching movies — two screenings last week, only one of which I need to write about (the other I blurbed on Letterboxd) and I’ve already made a start. But again, I just need to sit down and get it finished to a deadline, albeit a self-imposed one. No sense wasting a whole afternoon bleeding into the evening procrastinating when I can start early and be finished before lunch. How appealing is that!

As far as the week ahead, Monday to Wednesday is for putting the paper put to bed, and Thursday and Friday will be for writing, though I’ll probably be free for a screening one of those days should I get the nod. I want to keep the weekend mostly free, to have a weekend.