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Weeknotes #659-661

Numerous things in progress here at Procrastination Towers, though I did see a couple of new items published recently — namely my review of The Wind Rises, and my take on Dead Rider’s Chills On Glass. In the days to come I’ll have something at the relaunching Burning Ambulance, too; I’ll link it on Twitter well before here, so you know where to go.

In other news, I recently got a triple pannier for my bicycle, to make it more practical for trips to the shops and such. It’s not a fancy one — I’m under no illusions about its lack of waterproofing, for instance — but it holds quite a bit, as long as I play Grocery Tetris and I’m careful about the bulk and volume of things I need to lug home.

It’ll also come in very handy when I can start cycling to work in town this summer, once the Royal Canal towpath reopens; that looks like it’ll be in mid June, more than three months behind schedule, sigh (and even at that, there may be a few annoying narrow switchback gates to traverse along the route).

Speaking of the bicycle, I went for a ride around the whole Phoenix Park yesterday morning, early in the morning when it was nice and quiet and before the rain came. It was nice.