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Weeknotes #662-666

Week 666 (ooh, scary!) was a busy one for press screenings, my most out-and-about week for a while, at least since mine and Bee’s double birthday at the end of May. (We went out for dinner and saw Cirque du Soleil, which was great. Don’t let anybody ever tell you different.)

One of the films I saw last week came out three days after the screening, which should tell you something about its quality, but 3 Days to Kill is a special kind of awful. Much better, thankfully and surprisingly, is Oculus, which I got to see a couple of weeks previously. Also up on Thumped are my takes on Ken Loach’s Jimmy’s Hall and Irish skateboarding documentary Hill Street.

Meanwhile, on the relaunched Burning Ambulance, you can read my review of the new Eyehategod album. I’ll have another piece up there, on the new Origin record Omnipresent, in early July.

Back to recent weeks, and in the middle there somewhere was Friday the 13th, which called for a Jason movie marathon at my friend John’s gaff. Parts VI (Jason Lives) to IX (Jason Goes To Hell), the first of which is loads of fun and way better than I remembered from the first time I saw it years ago. Anyway, John was an excellent host as always. You should check out his blog The Nostalgic Attic, it’s good stuff.

As for the week ahead, once the paper’s gone to press, my calendar shows dinner with friends, and without (plus a night with Rich Hall); some more blurbing to get this heavy music roundup finally finished; some more consulting with Bee on her current writing project; some cycling should the weather allow; and some time with my Superunknown five-disc special edition (thanks for the present, Bee!).

Also, can someone turn down the humidity? The sunshine’s been great and all, but it’s too damn close.