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Weeknotes #676

Only one published-elsewhere thing from me this week — my Thumped review of Into the Storm — but I attended three press screenings (two on Wednesday and another on Thursday), and I’ll be writing up one of them (the new Sin City movie) over the weekend, because it’s out on Monday (yeah, weird, I know).

Other than that, it was a slow week, capped off by a Friday where everything seemed to go wrong for me. Feck it, I’ve got pear cider in the fridge for later; not the one I wanted, mind, but some is better than none.

Also, I skipped the Deafheaven gig on Tuesday evening because I couldn’t be arsed making the trip into town, even though I had a ticket. Feck it, I watched Star Trek: Voyager with Bee and had a more enjoyable evening than I otherwise would’ve, so I can’t complain about that.

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting stuff to the Microlog now and then. That’s me cleaning out the ‘Blogfodder’ folder, as I really should more often. And I’ve started writing about wrestling again (after SummerSlam on Monday, which I wrote about here). Might help to fill the void now that Power Slam is no longer publishing.