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Weeknotes #678

Lots of bicycle commuting this week: to the office, to the cinema, to the shops. My thighs are feeling it, but in a good way. Here’s hoping that (and not stuffing my face with Nando’s on Wednesday night) reflects in my WeightWatchers weigh-in next week.

One new review online from me this week — my thumbs-down of amnesia-themed psychological thriller Before I Go To Sleep — and two press screenings, one of which (way out in Dundrum, at a multiplex furnished like the Overlook Hotel) I attended with Bee so it was more of a date night than work. Still took some notes, mind.

Speaking of notes, I bought a tiny notepad, like a police jotter, to scribble notes during screenings, in lieu of my nice but ungainly Rhodia pad. Wish I had a light-up pen so I could make my in-the-dark chicken scratch more legible, but it’s serviceable as is.

As I write this after lunch on Friday, an afternoon/evening of layouts and a weekend of blurbing lies ahead. And maybe some culture tomorrow afternoon. I should probably pick a free day to do some house cleaning ahead of Bee’s parents’ visit next month, too.