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Weeknotes #680

So I got my bicycle back from the shop on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I crashed on the way home from a morning ride. Slipped on something, didn’t see what, coming up to the roundabout that marks the last turn before home. But the bike went sideways and flattened under me (buckling the rear wheel slightly; I can feel it drag when I wheel it) and I fell hard chest-first on the end of my handlebars. Yes, it left a mark. No, you don’t want to see it. At least it hit my sternum and not my ribs. I don’t think anything’s broken, though it hurt like a mofo and I was winded for a few minutes after. Oh yeah, and I scraped up my left knee pretty bad; it’s bruised black and there’s numbness above my kneecap. But I can walk if I keep my leg straight, though stairs are a bit tricky.

After all that excitement, work kinda pales in comparison. Some extra evening updates for Afloat following the Irish sailors at the ISAF Worlds. And I had two music reviews on Thumped earlier in the week, for albums by Wild Rocket and Dead Neanderthals, plus my take on the new Woody Allen, Magic in the Moonlight.

Just the one press screening for me this week, the vague cinematic reboot of The Equalizer. That was a ‘multimedia screening’ so I was able to score a pass for Bee to come with me on Monday night to Point Village, that desolate Celtic Tiger folly. Not sure yet what’s on the cards for next week; there are two screenings on Wednesday but that’s when the paper goes to bed. Maybe I can wind things up Tuesday evening instead, but that depends on whether the software transition goes smoothly this weekend.

It’s always a juggling act. But I suppose that’s what keeps things interesting.