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Girls Fight Out

You might expect the perspective of this outsider who meets some of the tough-as-nails women vying for a spot in the UFC to err on the superficial, to play up the 'bloodsport' angle and decry the sexism and general bro-ness of big-time MMA. And Taffy Brodesser-Akner doesn't leave any of that out, because it's all there for the taking, but she's also savvy enough to see the UFC as showbusiness, as entertainment as much as if not more than the sporting championship it professes to be. It's funny how much Dana White, the Vince McMahon of MMA, and his ilk constantly rag on the 'fakeness' of pro wrestling when the UFC's recent success is mostly down to the oldest tricks in the kayfabe book. Brodesser-Akner doesn't make any explicit comparison, but it's impossible to miss the parallels between, say, the hooded, menacing Ronda Rousey marching to the ring to the strains of 'Bad Reputation' and the glass-smashing, ass-whooping heyday of Stone Cold Steve Austin. #link