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Weeknotes #699

Getting these notes done early today. I’m feeling tired and burnt out after a stressful, frustrating first half of the week, ending with a long day on Wednesday putting the paper to bed, that may have caused by first bout of sleep paralysis in years. Fun times.

Still, other work is chugging along fine: things are being written, music is being listened to, films have been seen and scheduled to see.

What else is new? Let’s talk apps.

I’ve started using Reporter again after trying it out for a week last year then giving up because I couldn’t see the point. I still don’t quite see the point of it yet — I’m not convinced I’m surveying myself with the right questions, or whether I even lead the kind of lifestyle that would lend itself to such analysis — but I’ve narrowed it down to a few easy queries with prompts throughout the day. We’ll see if it means anything to me a few months down the road.

One in, one out: I’ve deleted Walkmeter from my phone — an app that I paid for when I first got it, by the way — because it’s gone to shit. I hadn’t used it in months at any rate, instead using Strava to track my cycling distance as I’ve been biking more than walking. But opening it yesterday out of curiosity, I see it’s a shell of its former self, the majority of its useful, usable features cannibalised into the ‘Elite Upgrade’ yearly subscription.

To hell with that. Strava can track my walks as well as my cycles, and the Health app already tracks my steps if need be, so Walkmeter is no longer needed. I’m still sore about that €2.39 I won’t get back, though.

Speaking of the Health app, I’m trying to use it more, for a glanceable view of my activity levels, plotting my weight (as I’ve long done with Daytum) along with its auto-tracking of my daily steps and cycles from Strava. What else can I track? Sleep? It’s been a while since I’ve used Sleep Time, and Sleep Cycle also comes recommended. But whatever I do, the more seamless the better.