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Weeknotes #704

Two press screenings in Week 704: British war film Kajaki (out in April, so review to come closer to that date) and Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie, which I reviewed for Thumped.

I cycled from home in West Dublin to Rathmines for the former screening, and that was a fairly pleasant ride, apart from the deplorable condition of what Dublin City Council would purport to be cycle lanes in the Islandbridge/Kilmainham area. That and the cycle home was into the wind, which had picked up a bit too much for my liking. But on the bright side, the fog has cleared from a new area of my mental map of the city.

Tuesday this week was my payday, too, with all the administrivia that entails, between and around my usual production duties that continue into the first half of Week 705. Nothing exciting to report there, just the usual fortnightly head-down push to the deadline.

As it happens I’m writing this on a day off for myself, since I worked away last weekend (the good kind of subbing, but work is work). Probably a good idea to wrap this up and enjoy it, then.