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Jack, July 2007, by MacDara on Flickr.

This is Jack, a few months after my mam adopted him from Dogs Aid in 2007.

His first owners must have lived locally; he ended up at the sanctuary after he was hit by a car and treated at the vet on Raheny Road. His hip was messed up but the vet did a great job, and though we knew he’d get arthritis when he was older it never really gave him much trouble.

They estimated he was about three years old then. He spent the next eight years in my family home, happy and loved. St Anne’s Park is just down the road and he had the run of the place.

He was my mam’s dog really, but I was still living at home the first year he was with us so we bonded pretty closely. It’s still breaking my heart that he’s gone, eight days now; he died after slipping into a coma, caused by shock from a bleed in his liver. I just broke into tears again writing this, so I’ll leave it at that and link you to a few more pics I found on my computer of Jack over the years.

So anyway, that’s why there’s been no weeknotes from me lately. Trust me that I’m reading and writing and watching and listening plenty, if only to take my mind off being sad. I miss you, Jack.