Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #732-733

Week 732 saw me spinning a few plates more than usual, with press screenings in the first half (that I still have to write about) plus an impromptu trip to the old neighbourhood for new shoes (there’s a factory store, y’see), then the usual production tasks throughout, plus a whole bunch of InDesign proof corrections and extra freelance subediting towards the latter half. There went my weekend!

Then week 733 had an odd schedule for a deadline week: we’re going to press next Monday, but I’m taking the week off, so deadline was Friday evening instead of the usual Wednesday lunchtime. I’m a creature of habit, relatively speaking (I’m doing something different every day, but it’s the same category of thing, more or less), so when my weekly rhythm is disrupted, it throws me for a loop more than I’d like. Anyway, most things that needed doing have been done, and not without saving an evening for herself and myself to attend the Irish premiere of The Martian (that’s another review to come). It’s a nice perk of the job, I won’t deny that.

Now it’s holiday time, much needed after two tiring weeks, but I still don’t feel like I achieved much. All I can see right now are the things I’ve still got to write up during my week ‘off’; I’ll try not to let them creep over days that I should be using to take a break. Same goes for chores like mowing the lawn: it’s a good time to do it with no rain forecast for the next few days, but I’m not going to break my back over it.

Speaking of my back: I tweaked it something awful yesterday, not quite sure how; possibly from cycling back from the shops with a heavy backpack, or this wonky office chair that I’ve only just fixed to stop it leaning backwards. Thankfully I’m feeling loads better today (as I sit here watching nWo-era WCW on the WWE Network) which is good as I’m itching to get back out on the bicycle tomorrow, especially since I’ve finally found a nice scenic route with a decent distance.

And getting out on the bike means I can get back in control of my weight. I’ve had a good September, in that I haven’t put anything on, but I haven’t lost a whole lot either. That’s down to me being lazy more than anything, eating more than I know I should, eating when I’m bored and not really hungry, etc etc. And when I don’t fit in any activity as a buffer, it makes things slower.

But on the bright side, I am starting to undo the damage from June to August, brought on by the stress of moving and all the changes that came with that. And I’m happy with my new WeightWatchers class on Thursday evenings, even if I would’ve preferred a weekend weigh-in again (fewer options up here at the edge of the Pale, so I’m making it work). Diligence with sticking to my ProPoints combined with the right amount of physical activity: that’s the secret, there’s nothing fancy to it. It worked before and it’ll work again. Ha, I know I’m probably repeating myself here, but if putting it into words means putting it into action, so be it.

Hey, you know what else I’ve been doing better lately? Blogging, that’s what. Not just writing up these weeknotes to keep tabs on my work/life experience, but posting some interesting things I’ve had saved up for ages, and just sharing stuff I think is cool. If you’re still following along, I hope you’re enjoying it. But really, who cares if no one is reading it? I didn’t really care when I started.