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My Letterboxd reviews of The Woman, Rubble Kings, Demons, Turbo Kid, Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me and Cooties

The Woman:

Inept sub-student-movie nonsense, with a ridiculous twist and a payoff that hardly makes up for its extremely tasteless misogyny. It’s not transgressive, it’s just fucking awful. What the fuck happened to you, Lucky McKee?

Rubble Kings:

Decent talking-heads doc on the real-life New York street gangs that inspired the likes of The Warriors, and how one crew in the South Bronx saw reconciliation as the answer to their community’s blight.


Italo-German monster silliness that’s far more wickedly gruesome than it is truly frightening. Very much of its time, but there’s potential for a potent (and very funny) remake. Someone should get on that.

Turbo Kid:

So I did not expect levels of gore to rival Ichi the Killer or The Story of Ricky in this postmodern, post-apocalyptic quasi-spoof, like Mad Max 2 crossed with Adventure Time with a sprinkling of BMX Bandits. Definitely entertaining, though, and certain to be a crowd-pleaser.

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me:

A story as melancholy as the music they made lifts this talking-heads documentary on the great Big Star above the usual rote band biography fare.


I don’t remember this getting any kind of promotion on home video over here, let alone a theatrical release, which is a terrible shame as it really is a genuinely funny horror comedy (yes, even with self-referential jokes and all) with likeable asshole characters played by a first-rate cast of familiar names. I don’t get it. But if it has any kind of a second life on streaming services and whatnot, Cooties more than deserves it.