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Weeknotes #739-740

Getting paid. Getting a haircut. Writing up some newsy things, editing others. Solving layout problems with InDesign. Oh yeah, and completing my tax return. That was week 739.

Then week 740: deadline crunch time, then more newsy writing, more editing, and a night out with Mick Foley marred only slightly by the three drunk idiots sat in front of us, who thankfully didn’t get the mic to ask their presumably inane question during the Q&A portion of the show.

On the weekend between, Bee and I had a day out in the city, starting in Rathgar where we picked up some honeycomb from Dublin bees (no Instagram, sorry, but trust me when I tell you it was delicious).

And then on to the RDS for the pet expo, which was disappointing from an expo standpoint — hardly any vendors, which put the kibosh on our plans to research guinea pig care (yes, we want to adopt some guinea pigs) — but did have numerous dogs to pet, not to mention donkeys and pygmy goats.
Would be nice to have a pet goat now I think about it. It’d get the lawn tamed, that’s for sure.