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Craven Family Values

On the house and home as a recurring them in the late horror maestro's filmography. Ben Gabriel's thesis is a little off in asserting that exploitation cinema was a "nonwhite genre". I'm sure that's news to Roger Corman, and even most of the classic blaxploitation pics were made by white directors like Jack Hill and Larry Cohen; minorities were the audience, sure, but they didn't yet have the means of production. Still, there is some truth to the notion that Craven, and fellow horror filmmakers/producers Sean Cunningham and John Carpenter, made moves to spruce up a comfortably grimy genre for a more general audience, only to be priced out of the neighbourhood. That's particularly so for Carpenter, whose last truly great movie was Prince of Darkness in 1987. (Also: Deadly Friend is a "nonhorror film"? Whole notta 'Nope' going on here.) #link