Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #753-754

My did the last two weeks fly by with little to show for it. My work hours were off schedule again, which always throws things for a loop. And Daniel Bryan retired, casting a unexpected pall over proceedings. But I made the time to spend a day out with Bee in the city, write up a film review last weekend (that I remembered to link here this time) and join in the #MWE fun on Twitter.

The hashtag stands for Music Writer Exercise, and requires listening to one whole album never heard before for each day in February, and posting a single tweet reaction for each one. I’ve been fudging it a bit, since I’ve had a few days when listening to music just wasn’t on the cards, but I’ve got eight records down so far, with a handful to check out in what’s left of this weekend.

Speaking of what’s left of the weekend, the fourth episode of my internet radio show will be streaming from tomorrow, with the fifth ready to go a fortnight from now. I spent a quality afternoon earlier this week scripting up and recording my links for those, as well as stitching all the relevant bits and pieces together in Audacity. It’s definitely work, and a learning experience, but I can’t deny it’s fun and quite satisfying. Even if hardly anyone is listening.