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Enlarged Heart Radio #7

Up early, accounting for the fact that I’ll be on coaches and trains for Easter tomorrow, here’s Enlarged Heart Radio number seven, featuring Racebannon, Guerilla Toss, Charalambides and no metal for a change.

Playlist: The Last – Book / Racebannon – Satan’s Kickin’ Yr Dick In Parts I & II / The Blood Brothers – Meet Me at the Water Front After the Social / Yona-Kit – Twa Corbies / Human Touch – Youth Prison / Guerilla Toss – Grass Shack / Deerhoof – Holy Night Fever / Charalambides – Think About / Dif Juz – Silver Passage / DUSTdevils – The Revenge of Cruiser Gurner / Big Boys – Hollywood Swinging / Lawndale – The Days of Pup and Taco