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Some notes on a bad night at the matches

I seem to have irked some people with my Thumped review of last Saturday and Sunday’s wrestling weekender. I’ve blocked a few arseholes for bullying tweets, because I happened to have a different experience of the evening than them (missing the point that I was reviewing the whole experience of both evenings, not just the matches or ‘workrate’, but that’s nothing new for the dregs of the IWC) and I’ve somehow injured their little hardcore clique or whatever. Fuck that noise.

I said as much on Twitter and I’ll say it again: I enjoyed the wrestling, to a point, but I left the show in a shit mood, which was all down to the poor venue, with its low-rent drinks promotions, and bad event management on the promoters’ part. It’s honest, fair criticism, the same thing I would tell a friend if they asked me “How did your evening go?”

I thought my review was mild, all things considered. I’m still pissed off that I didn’t get to see the entirety of the main event, the match I paid good money to see. I’m pissed off that I couldn’t really get into the bit of the match I did see as much as I would have were I not worried about whether I’d get out of the venue in time, or have any more drunk casuals messing with me and ruining my evening.

And I honestly preferred the ICW show the next night as an evening out. Sure, the wrestling may not have been as technically exciting, or as gripping from a character or storyline perspective, but I had more fun, and I left entertained — which is the whole point of a wrestling show. It’s not a fucking sport, guys. It’s performance art.

I noticed two lads I blocked, before I blocked them, moaning that the ICW show was inferior because it didn’t draw as big a crowd (which is true, but that’s because the tickets were more expensive and it wasn’t filled out with casual fans) and that people weren’t drinking as much, because it was a Sunday night. Well aside from ignoring that The Academy wasn’t selling cheap lager by the six-pack (because why would they want to clean up the resultant mess?) you pretty much confirmed by main complaint there, the unfortunate confluence of pro wrestling and Irish drinking culture, haven’t you?

As for OTT, and their show-running skills, or lack thereof? Maybe give a shit about fans who aren’t staying in the city for the night or driving home after, and rely on public transport and get things wrapped up on time (or here’s an idea: change up the card so the match everyone’s there to see goes on a bit earlier). Maybe put your PR hat on when you’re communicating with paying punters on social media, whatever their complaints. Maybe don’t jump to conclusions about raucous audience members from overseas (who, as it happens, were actually considerate of those around them). Maybe grow the fuck up and stop acting the lad because it makes you look cool or edgy or whatever. I don’t need that bullshit with my wrestling.

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