Hello, world. I’m MacDara Conroy, and this is my blog.

Weeknotes #757-758

Not the best fortnight for me, in fairness. Existential anxiety last weekend reverberated through the following days, and I’m foggy on the details, so they’re a write-off. Then as soon as I started feeling more like myself, it was head down for a production deadline. And with the hauntings of a cold and all.

But let’s look at the good things, yeah? I’ve dropped 10lb since the start of the year, my best run at the scales in ages. I saw three of what are likely to be among my favourite films of 2016 over three successive days — and for free! I enjoyed two pretty decent burritos (one in a box for a change). There’s a live show on the WWE Network tonight, along with all the big New Japan events to catch up on. I’ve got plenty of podcasts to keep me sane. And I’ve got a week ‘off’ (from the day job, at least) to recharge the batteries as the weather improves and spring feels more like spring.

I’m also thinking of taking on another personal project: migrating this blog to WordPress. Am I insane? Quite possibly. The thought of converting all my templates and modules to the WP syntax is daunting, to say the least. But a more immediate priority is probably moving my Flickr account to Google Photos, as Yahoo! seems bent on killing off a service that’s done well by me for 12 years. Bit of a pain to be honest, but who knows? It might prompt me to get quite a few shots I’ve been meaning to post forever online.