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Elsewhere: My Letterboxd reviews of The Toxic Avenger I-III

[The Toxic Avenger](http://letterboxd.com/macdara/film/the-toxic-avenger/):
>It’s The Toxic Avenger! The birth of a franchise that made Troma in the hearts of cult film fans the world over. The film itself is self-aware trash of the highest – or rather, lowest – order, and much smarter than it looks, though probably best enjoyed in a group setting with like-minded genre fiends.

[The Toxic Avenger Part II](http://letterboxd.com/macdara/film/the-toxic-avenger-part-ii/):
>Both bigger (what with the mid-flick detour to Tokyo, where the locals are blessedly in on the joke) and cheaper than the original (the practical effects are almost parodic in their shoddiness), The Toxic Avenger Part II mostly fails in its lack of any cohesive plot, forgetting even the basic ‘Toxie versus evil corporation’ set-up in its endearingly silly but meandering second act – which in itself is an early otaku-culture travelogue of sorts, so Troma were ahead of their time, I guess. It gets a whole star for that ‘David Mamet’ line, though.
[The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie](http://letterboxd.com/macdara/film/the-toxic-avenger-part-iii-the-last-temptation-of-toxie/):
>Part three in the Toxic Avenger series is just off-cuts from the second movie, isn’t it? Ironically enough, it’s got a vaguely more coherent plot, but doesn’t have the stupid-smart yuks (the yuppie satire is disappointingly thin) or ludicrous gore effects to carry its overlong 100-minute runtime. It’s easy to see how it, and its predecessor, contributed to sinking Troma as a viable original B-movie studio, though Kaufman and co would emerge as a forward-thinking producer and distributor (releasing some of the first anime in translation, etc) at the very same time, so perhaps divided loyalties were also to blame.