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Weeknotes #762-766

Well, April went by fast. Too fast to stop and take account, though on review I didn’t achieve that much. I watched a few movies and a bit of wrestling and a lot of anime. I listened to hours of podcasts. I read a whole bunch. I suppose that all adds up to something but right now I couldn’t tell you what.

No, I tell a lie: it adds up to a slew of reviews from my Goodreads and Letterboxd accounts that I’ve just reblogged here this evening, as I wait for a CHIKARA live stream to start. Oh, and I almost forgot the couple of radio hours I produced. I’ve done nine of them since the start of the year. Didn’t know I had it in me.

What else is new? A new phone, for one: I upgraded to the new iPhone SE, which also gave me the option to switch my contract to a much cheaper plan, so now I’m paying nearly half as much per month for essentially the same service (since I don’t call anyone).

I also procured a new bicycle this week, at long last — a cheap and cheerful hybrid to replace by trusty but rusty Raleigh. I’m sure the local bike shop gearheads would be appalled at my choice of brand and retailer, but I know what I want in a bike. And I’m looking forward to getting back out for a spin around town, when the weather allows. Also worth noting: a few days ago I enjoyed one of the best Indian takeaways I’ve had in quite some time. Take a bow, Lazeez in Dundalk. Now if only the new Japanese place down the street would open already.