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Date: June 2016

BLDGBLOG: Books Received

Haven't been in the headspace for ideas this intersectional and transcendent for a long time, but this is worth linking for when I am. #link

My Thumped review of When Marnie Was There

It's a Studio Ghibli film do I really don't have to convince you, do I? (Apologies in advance for the mixed metaphors and other things I'd line-edit if I could. Writers: never sub your own stuff.) #link

Some thoughts on NXT TakeOver: The End…

Too long since I’ve written about wrestling. Here’s something, a few stray thoughts from last night’s NXT TakeOver special:

  • Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas has a mouthful of a moniker (does he need the nickname in the middle?) and his entrance gear is Los Boricuas cosplay. Leave the goofy hat, braces and linen trousers at home, and you might be on to a winner with the former Sombra.
  • Also, didn’t Tye Dillinger look great in that opener? Someone’s angling hard for that main-roster call-up.


Elsewhere: My Letterboxd reviews of We are Twisted Fucking Sister!, Respectable: The Mary Millington Story, Warcraft and The Resurrection of Jake the Snake

We are Twisted Fucking Sister!:

As a documentary, it’s unremarkable, though you can say that about nine out of 10 docs out there. But as a visual biography? That’s exactly what this is: an often surprising history of the early years of the hardest – and hardest working – glam rockers the US ever produced, and one that leaves you thirsting for more.